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  1. Change end cut to something like 75-80% rather than 100%.
  2. As above, I find these nearly always need to come off and be cleaned and WD40 run through them whilst in test mode at 10hz then the work correctly.
  3. I have a base map I could provide you for this engine. It was a tuned example with headwork and cams but stock compression ratio and injectors etc so should be a damn good starting point for you. Drop me a PM if you need it.
  4. Tiz

    Toyota 86 CAN

    As above, I built a 2jz gt86 using a link Fury. Oleg Zaytsev from dynotech Ukraine was kind enough to share his CAN data with me. Everything worked on the car that we had on. We removed the ABS & airbag system as it was a show car so I cant verify abs and tcs but absolutely everything else worked as it should.
  5. Tiz

    Graph Issue PC Link

    Thanks for that, turns out I have some graphics driver issues. I upgraded this old laptop to windows 10 and the latest driver had issues. Had to roll back to an earlier version and it is all good now.
  6. Tiz

    Graph Issue PC Link

    Is anybody getting screwed graph rendering with the latest PC link? Mine looks like the below, any ideas on a fix?
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