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  1. I'm having the same issue with the normalise on, will try with the normalise off. Did you come right with yours?
  2. Hi Adam, getting to target around 2 -3 secs after startup after adjusting min clamp to 50. I'm happy with that setup, will leave it as is. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Thanks Adam, will give it a shot.
  4. Very quick start, only like one crank and she fired up. No overshoot present. NUR13253 Tune 202000513.pclr Log 2020-05-14 8;11;03 pm.llg
  5. Hi Adam, Updated the firmware, seeing some better behaviour on cold idle. Think I may need to retune the low temp base position, but before I do anything rather you take a look. Latest tune & log attached. Thanks. Log 2020-05-13 7;30;12 pm.llg NUR13253 Tune 202000513.pclr
  6. Thanks Adam, will do that update and report back.
  7. Hi guys. Been getting some strange behaviour on the Supralink & OEM IACV setup I have on my Supra. It was overshooting on cold start to around 2000rpm, I adjusted the base position & changed the min clamp, it has improved to the condition in the attached log. The next issue is a drop in idle base position, then a spike to 2000rpm about 20 seconds into the log. I suspect the valve may be faulty, but want to confirm the settings I have make sense before changing anything. Tune & log attached. Thanks. NUR13253 Tune 20200417 with LC & TC.pcl
  8. THanks Adam for the detailed check. I had forgotten that the RPM, TP & speed lockout for the TC is set to zero in that file. Sorry about that. If I turn one of those on, the TC table cannot switch. Its not a big issue, but just checking if that is the way the it should be? Thanks again.
  9. Attached the tune. I was referring to TC table switching. This is assigned to button 3 (start position 29) Set to bits. Thks Adam NUR13253 Tune 20200417 with LC & TC.pclr
  10. Yes, thats correct, no PDM. @Adam, Tim from JTI helped me sort out the setup, I understnad now that the DI's being repeated in the stream 2& 3 was the issue. What I'm confused about is how the logging worked being duplicated. The table switching does not work with any of the lockouts being enabled, any idea on that.
  11. I had not assigned any CAL's as yet till I complete my water meth setup, for which I was going to use correction tables against a DI from the meth system. If not using this, think CAL 1 would be base tune, 95 octane & low boost and CAL 2 hi octane, high boost and timing. But none of that has been setup as yet, so was not expecting any repeats. Buttons are 1, 2, 3 for logging, trac disable and trac table switch. I had looked through the file, couldnt find any repeats on the DI's, where had these been? I followed the manuals as much as I could, strange thing is the
  12. Hi. I have an issue setting up my toucan keypad with the traction disable switch & slip table 2 activation. I have assigned a CAN DI to the table switching, but it does not seem to communicate at all. The traction disable has the same issue, not switching on or off using the traction disable switch status parameter. I have used the exact setup for the internal logging which works perfect, hence I'm a bit unsure on what the issue could be. Attached the tune for reference, hope some can help, pretty new to CAN setups. Note, the launch control is also activated
  13. Sorry for the late reply, used Mikes idea, ditched the EVAP, car is running fine.
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