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G4+ monsoon working on 1jz -vvti

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Hello guys, 

we all know that monsoon is 4 x Injector Drivers & 4 x Ignition Drivers 

my question here is what i should do on the software to configure base map in this situation if I want to run it on 1jz vvti  “ 6 ignitions & 6 injectors “.

and if there is any additional advice .

Ps, I'm a novice tuner 



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Wire the injectors in pairs as below, leave the injection mode set to sequential and you will get what we call semi-sequential.



For the ignition wire the coils in pairs as below and set the ignition mode to wasted spark.

 Cyl 1 & 6 to Ign 1.  Cyl 2 & 5 to Ign 2.  Cyl 3 & 4 to Ign 3.

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