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Cant conect with laptop & power stay on when key is turned off


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Hi guys 
I have problem with ling g3 ( updated to g4 ) & adaptalink for rb 25det ( skyline r33 ) i am using it in rb25det swaped s14 
So the problem is i canot conect to ECU drivers are instaled corectly, and also when i turn igniton off and take key out the power stays on? 
Note that i bought this as second hand unit so i dont know if it works at all 
Should i look for some ground/wiring problem or new ECU 

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I would start by powering it up on the bench with a battery and a couple of small jumper wires then try to connect laptop as this will quickly eliminate most wiring problems.  I dont have much info on the adapterlink but I would expect the only two connections it needs to power up is ground on pin 50 and +12V on pin 49.


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Ok, heres a bit of info on the power circuit to help you diagnose:

The main power grounds are pins 107,108,116,10,20.  Our ECU doesnt need all of them but check at least a couple of those have good continuity to ground.

Pin 45 is a 12V "ignition on" signal from the ignition switch - the ecu doesnt use this for power but when pin 45 is live (12V), a mosfet inside the adaptalink (think of it like a relay), connects pin 16 to ground.  Pin 16 is the trigger to the main ECCS relay coil.  when pin 16 is grounded by the ecu, the ECCS relay should engage and then supply 12V to pin 49 & 59.  Pin 49 & 59 is the main power supply to the ecu and the ecu will then power up.  



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