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Rev limiter help; rpm limit activated


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Tried to search to no avail. 

I've a Honda b series, k20 COP link g4+ 95 pnp ECU. 


Trouble I've got is the rev limiter is coming on about 2-300rpm below the set limiter, when this happens it comes up with "rpm limit activated" 

Not only that it's like you hit a brick wall, its not like your usual rev limiter. I've tried changing from fuel cut which it was set to originally to ignition cut and no difference. 


Anyone had this problem? 



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I've enabled advanced settings and set it to 0 but still does the same thing. I will take a picture at lunch 

Found one on my phone. 

I changed the 200 to 0 and still does same thing. 


Also as said it's like a brick wall, it's hard to explain but its not like you would usually have a rev limiter


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