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Wmi active switch


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Hi people. 

Sorry in advance if this comes across as mad gibberish. 

So I want my link to control my water methanol injection setup. I've a low amp draw solenoid that can be controlled without the need for a relay. 


My thinking is have the ecu fire up the pump at a set boost say 0.8 bar then the ecu fire the solenoid at 0.9bar increasing in duty as the boost goes up. Im thinking if I have a switch that will tell the link the wmi is active and will run the high boost. 

Any ideas in ways I can accomplish this? 


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You will need one aux to control the pump, set it to GP output and set the switch logic to "cond 1 only" and give it a condition of MAP >180kpa.  You will need another aux for the solenoid, set it to GP PWM, constant frequency and set it to a suitable frequency.  Set the PWM table to control the valve how you like.

For the boost you can just turn on two boost tables and have table 2 active whenever the WMI valve aux is active.  If you want more safety such as a flow switch - so if the pump dies or you run out of water it reverts back to the low boost table, then you can use a virtual aux to add more conditions into switching the boost table.

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The flow sensors for water meth are pretty pricey. The Aquamist one I was using was also very restrictive for my high flow (1500+ cc/min) setup. I recommend a simple 0-5v pressure transducer between the solenoid and the nozzle. If you have a leak or pump problem it will be visible as a pressure drop. Your aux input can be configured to lower boost if WMI pressue is not high enough. Also it is possible to calculate flow based on the pressure differential across the nozzle (WMI pressure - MAP) and its flow rating.

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If you want a switch as well, then it would be best to connect that to a digital input.  Then for your switch logic on the pump aux output you set it to "cond 1 & 2" and have one of the conditions as DI* = on.  Example below.



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