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ST205 - Denso 3 Bar Map Sensor (Apexi 499-X001)

Anastasios Kazazis

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So when i used that calibration and went to calibrate map sensor before starting getting a error, could someone please help with a calibration on this sensor.  with stock map sensor and stock calibration it checks out ok.

thank you


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thanks for the reply i can check tomorrow but that calibration to me seems wrong cause 290kpa at 5 volt would make it a 4bar map wouldnt it since has to use 1 bar for vacuum

should be -100kpa@0 volts/200kpa@5volt


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1 hour ago, R0b said:

someone tested a apexi map sensor in the states, @0volts shows -14.5psi and @4.9v shows 28.8psi

I would ignore anyone that is quoting a MAP sensor calibration using gauge pressure, obviously has no clue what he is even testing.


1 hour ago, R0b said:

wouldnt a greddy 3 bar be similar, seen 0.5v@0kpa

The calibration given by me above would be 0.5V @ 0kpa. 


1 hour ago, R0b said:

could i set it up similar to greddy. thank you

The MAP sensor is the most critical sensor for engine control, you dont want to just guess or suck it and see.  As I mentioned above tell us what the BAP and MAP reads with the engine off using the calibration given and that will at least give us one calibration point against a known accurate reference.  

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