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George GEP

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First of all, do you actually have the dash working with the default configs?  I dont want to waste a lot of time chasing my tail to find out your wiring is bad etc.


16 hours ago, George GEP said:

id like to see all analog inputs and digital inputs on dash

For analog inputs, all of them except APS are in the stand stream.  Do you really need pedal position on the dash?  For the DI's the 2 wheel speeds are in the default stream, the other two will need a custom stream.


16 hours ago, George GEP said:

as well as aux..

Which aux?  I see no point in sending the injector relay, VVT solenoid, purge valve, fan, Ethrottle etc?


16 hours ago, George GEP said:

also how can i wire and see fuel level on dash? 

Wire it direct to the dash.


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