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Atom doesn't connect to laptop

George GEP

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very strange issue

1st gen Atom does not want to communicate to pclink.

when we give 12V and grounds to connector blue led comes on and flashing, laptop detects Linkecu and driver with no issue, but pclink does not want to communicate no matter what laptop, what windows, what cable will we try, still same issue.

tried to powering it on car, tried powering it up on bench.

still same, no results. ""Unable to connect to the ECU but USB connection is present. Please cycle the power to the ECU."

previous owner said that ecu lost connection with pclink itself and never connected back.

we checked board physically - no damage, no burnt tracks or something.

any ideas or recommendations?

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I've got a first gen atom, I could be wrong but i think the flashing blue light could be a power issue, it should be solid. When I first got my atom it did this before I had wired it fully. Can't remember if this was due to only connecting 1 of the grounds or something.

My atom still does this when I turn the key to ignition and the immobiliser is active. Disabling the immobiliser gets a solid blue light when a good power value is sent.

I'm sure someone in the link team will respond with something more accurate, this is just want I think from my experience not necessarily what's wrong with your ECU.

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Im suspicious you may have a hardware issue from your description, some of those early atoms had a relatively sensitive USB circuit that could be damaged relatively easily (I cant remember if that was on the G4 or G4+ atom though).  Contact Link tech support on Monday for them to confirm and advise.

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