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g4+ xtreme no spark when cranking, spark test ok


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i use 2x huco 138052 igniters. I checked and both 12v and ground are ok on the coil when cranking.

I crank the car with cyl 5 coil removed and dummy spark plug.

Here are runtime values when cranking. I ll make a log now? Any specific parameter to log ?



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Sorry, I dont see any ECU related reason for no spark.  It is seeing solid RPM, no trigger errors, no cuts and commanded dwell is steady so the ECU will be commanding spark and the ignitors should be responding.  

You are going to have to do a bit more work with an LED test light or oscilloscope to see that the ignition signal is making it into and out of the ignitor.  


Unrelated but one thing I noticed in your log that I wanted to warn you about while I remember;  The throttle is going to 40% during cranking, this is due to the 20% in your E-throttle target table and the extra 20% in the start up step table.  If it ever does get spark it is going to rev straight to the rev limiter as soon as it starts so please fix that.  It would be more common to have about 5% in the target table and 2% in the start up step.


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5 minutes ago, evolve said:

so i just tested with one smart coil on cyl5 (VAG tfsi coil). And i have a spark when cranking... I cannot understand why it works with the igniter using ignition test but not when cranking.

Good work.


On 9/22/2019 at 8:46 AM, Adamw said:

you can get a spark when the plug is in free air during an ignition test, but not have enough energy to create a spark when in the cylinder under compression.

It suggests for whatever reason you have very low ignition energy - not enough current to allow the coil to "charge" properly.  It may be a wiring/pinout problem either at the coil or ignitor or maybe bad ignitor etc. 

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