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Master Fuel Link G4 Storm


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Hi guys. I am little confused as a stock ca18det injector is 370cc low impedance(peak and hold) and its on 14ms master fuel on link G4 Storm

which means if i change to 700cc injectors high impedance( saturated), it would be around 7.4ms, am i right?

But if i were to change it to 7.4ms, my afr reading is too lean. it is afr of 21

may i know whats happening?

my car was tuned by some other tuner last time. it is on a ca18det. based on the map, it is at 14ms with a 690cc low impedance denso injector previously. but, i realised my injector resistor box is not there anymore, so i changed the injectors to a unknown brand 700cc high impedance injector. may i know what i must do?

do i change the master fuel? or based on 14ms, i change the fuel table again? because after changing the injectors, afr is around 21

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