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Ids not found in database: 1264, 1263 error


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I have a purchased a second hand ECU that is Mitizi evo plug-in. After contacting tech with the serial number they kindly and very promptly sent me a link to the software file.. PCLink G4+ V5.6.7.3632        once downloaded every time i try and communicate with the ECU it throws up this error message. (G4+) 

Error IDS not found in Data Base 1263,1264


Windows 10 home edition   G4+ pc link      (Options connections auto in tab is selected) 

ECU was stood for a few years after purchase due to family issues and building the car therefor i am unsure of the MAP or ECU status when powered it does trigger outputs for relays etc hence should be fine :) and is trying / booting 

I looked into info on the forum and i found it may be the older version software may be the key (Link). I downloaded this version and now when i try and communicate with the ECU it shows a speed of connection in the top right corner then issues a warning screen " you must use the correct manufacturers tuning software to connect to this ECU" it is therefor having some coms with the ECU i guess as more info than the (G4+) ECU software... or is it ? .... also managed to get this from the ECU


Any help or guidance would be gratefully appreciated as i am trying to look at the config prior to final wiring and off to the Dyno :rolleyes:



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Hi Adam

Thanks so much fro your response :rolleyes: i did send the ecu serial number to the tech team and they sent me the G4+ link i first installed .

picture of ECU serial number attached to help ID 

Thanks again Mark

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 19.31.16.png


7 hours ago, Adamw said:

You have a either very old G4 or possibly a very old Vipec V series, cant tell without the serial number.  

Try this:  http://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink V4.4.3 Setup.exe

If that doesnt work then try this old Vipec version:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmyNK85RxGVdTquXu?e=gzwd9V  

serial number 6149 :) thanks again for your help Adam

ecu serial number and options board pics.jpg

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Sorry I dont have a record for that serial number.  However, all of the other serial numbers I have either side of that one are Vipec plug-in boards so I suspect that one is most likely a Vipec too.  Try the VTS software first - it will tell you to use the correct manufacturers software when you try to connect if it is not.

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