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Subaru impreza v1 v2 high boost missfire


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Hi all,

Can anyone take a quick look at this for me. Cars running 10% meth and methanol injection. Was running fine on high boost but wanted to make a low boost map so i did and moved the settings of the high boost to DI3 along with slightly modified ignition. The low boost runs fine no issues however on the higher boost setting i get missfire at 4k approx revs every time. Can anyone see any issues? Ignore the lambda values as they dont take into consideration the METH / the AEM wideband isnt verygood IMO. 

Any ideas?



Log 2020-06-6 6;28;39 HB prob low.llg

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Fantastic,  thank you very much. Is there a way to keep the launch on the di3? And use it it for high low boost, i noticed on the log the ignition was going down a lot but wasnt too sure why...kind regards

It is all ok now thank you. I just assigned virtual aux 1 to the launch. Will test it tomorrow. Havn't messed with the map in a few months as cars been in bodyshop, amazing what you can forget :).

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