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CAN Stream behaviour issue on G4x


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My friend just switched from the G4+ to the G4X . We set the CAN stream to the Link Generic , that we also used on his G4+

However , the output is different on the G4X and not like inGeneric Dash.lcs the description 

Here is the Output versus the Displayed values in the Software . In General it only seems to convert integegers to HEX (So no Conversion from RAW neccesary and values are rounded ) 

In the Description of the protocol in the G4x helpfile the protocol has not changed compared to the G4+.

But i see for instance the temperatures should have a offset of -50  as they are sent as unsigned integers

ECT is shown in the software with 23 degrees so i would expect 0x4300 which is 73 dec , but i am receiving 0x1700 which is 23 dec .

The same behaviour seems to be with all the Temps 


Here is the CAN Data i receive :

(1591528882.121744) can0 3E8#0000000065000000
(1591528882.121855) can0 3E8#0100660004000000
(1591528882.121974) can0 3E8#0200000000001700 // ECT is sent without the offset so only positive numbers are possible 
(1591528882.122098) can0 3E8#030015000B000000 //Battery voltage should be 11.97V but i only receive a value of 11 dec  = 0x0B00 instead of 1197 dec 
(1591528882.122223) can0 3E8#0400000000000000
(1591528882.122352) can0 3E8#0500000000000000
(1591528882.122474) can0 3E8#0600000000000000
(1591528882.122596) can0 3E8#0700000000000E00
(1591528882.122721) can0 3E8#0800000001000000
(1591528882.122846) can0 3E8#0900000000000000
(1591528882.122978) can0 3E8#0A00000000000000
(1591528882.123097) can0 3E8#0B00000000000000
(1591528882.123224) can0 3E8#0C00000000000000
(1591528882.123347) can0 3E8#0D00510000000000

Could you please clarify if this is a bug , or did i set up something incorrect ?


Kind Regards



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Moved to the G4X forum.

If you are using the built in pre-configured generic dash stream then the CAN output should be exactly the same as G4+.  If you are using a custom stream file then you will have to scale all parameters to something suitable for CAN output prior to transmitting.

In the G4+ the values where stored in the ECU in the scaled form.  In the G4X they are stored exactly how you see them on the screen.  So for ECT for instance you will have to add an offset of +50 to match how the G4+ worked.  For lambda you will need a multiplier of 1000. For Batt voltage a multiplier of 100.

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Thanks for the quick reply , that clarifies it .

I used the Ics file that was included in the G4+ folder for the Generic dash and just added Ethanol % to it .

I will modify the lcs file accordingly for the G4X .

Many Thanks for your fantastic support 

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You sound like you have a good understanding of it and you should be able to find all the scaling values in the help file, but if you get stuck on any of them or need help then just sign out.  Unfortunately the "test calculator" is not working in the G4X yet to help.

I have been meaning to do a new version of that configurable generic stream to suit the G4X, so I might do that later tonight if you want to check back soon.

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