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Oil Temp sensor installation


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I have 2 questions about contacting the oil temp sensor to the ecu, I'll hope someone here can help me..

1. I installed aem temp sensor and now I need to contact it to the expansion loom, I have the diagram so I know where to contact it but what I need to do after? How I create temp alerts? 

2. My tuner looked the ecu with password so I want to know if I need him for this process - contacting the sensor to the ecu as I ask above?

My car is Impreza 00 classic with link g4 plus. 

Thank you 


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sorry for asking again but I can not calibrate the temp sensor. there is a step by step guide? 

I wired the sensor to AN TEMP 3 and now I don't know what to chose in the sensor type? there is no AEM at the list. 
If I need to custom calibrate it, how can I do it? I tried to set CAL table 7 but the result make no sense, the temp is minus.. 
one more thing, at the Configuration page there is a table with all the analog inputs, if AN3 shows 0.48 it's ok? just to know that I wire the sensor correctly.
I hope someone here could help me, I didn't know this is so complicated .

thank you very much


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