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5th injector setup

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1995 Miata 1.8L, Fastforward supercharger. Link G3/G4 ECU with Mazda adaptalink. 4x 14 ohm 550cc injectors.

Need to add 5th injector for cooling in intake manifold between supercharger and engine block.

How do I got about controlling that 5th injector?  Is it via the auxiliary injection?  The 5th injector needs to pulse every time one of the other 4 main injectors pulse.

Any guidance is appreciated.

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9 hours ago, JFB said:

Looks like I may have a LEM G3.  Is there no workaround to pulse an injector in the manifold?  Like a 12V relay maybe?

Normal aux outputs are not synchronised to engine operation - it would just be squirting at a fixed frequency all the time.  You can vary duty cycle with boost or whatever, but it wont be timed with the other injectors.

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