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Bnr34 wont start


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Has been playing around few days but no luck.  It is very weird.  Engine just wont start..it run fine before i move onto Linl G4. It has power FC+Fcon before..i have removed all those.  All after market alarm system removed as well..now it is suppose to be as factory

Exactly same mod as other good runing bcnr33 .rb26. Ev14 1000cc.  450 walbro r35 coils.  Vcam.  Thus i use the same mapping and setup..wiring.

Trigger setting is correct.  Triggers scop looks good(only. Weird thing it recon trigger 2 1st all the time in cranking) .  Sparks are all fine.  Injectors are all fine in working when spining the CAS manually.  Fuel pressure is stable at 3bar.

No matter what i did,  engine just refuse to start.  I asked the link dealer come and help if he will able to sort out the problem.  No luck.  

Anyone has any idea what i could missed?  Runtime valve show triggers,  injectors,  sparkes all working when cranking.


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Dos it have a stock CAS?  The RPM looks very low and intermitant in the log.  Battery looks quite flat too though so difficult to tell if it is a trigger problem or just a flat battery.  Have you tried spraying ether into the intake? - This is often a quick way to tell if you have a fuel or spark problem.

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Can you attach the tune also.  

I dont see much wrong in your most recent log, It looks like you may need to increase master fuel a bit but most of the basics that are needed to run are working.

Have you verified timing with a timing light?  Have you tried using ether starter spray to confirm if it is a lack of fuel or not?

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would the starter being too slow for timing gun to be able to capture timing? anyway, i will try that as well.

trying to look for ether start spray here but no luck. i tried use injector cleaner  spray but nothing happen. 

isnt that looking more alike ignition timing problem? engine has been mod b4 but unknown spec which it might be a 2.8 and possible a stroker kit. I use offset -76 for now and also tried defalut -87 with no luck.....

herewith the tune and passward PMed to u. tks


jack bnr34.zip

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1 hour ago, Purpleline said:

isnt that looking more alike ignition timing problem?

Yes, if adding fuel via injector cleaner didnt help (assuming it is a hydrocarbon product) then that would suggest there is either no spark, or the spark is at the wrong time.  So get a timing light on it is the next step.


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Hi Adman,  i removed all spark plug out and have #1 with sparke plug out so engine turn fast enough to see timing.

I have an offset for -192 to get it align to 10*. Is that safe or should be accurate? 

Normally rb within offsrt fm -7x to 8x.. -192 seens alot 

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Hi Adam,

Finally,  started her up.  The timing offset weird number lead me to suspect timing problem.  The cam belt is 1/3 off retarded.... no wonder it wont start.  Timing belt change amd align the 3points.  She start up in 1st crank.

It is so weird it does ran fine b4 my work and i never touch that after inspect cam belt considtions.....

Possible the previous shop who work on this has done something on the Vcam setup so she still able to startup... 

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