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evo to dbw


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I have a early model evo and am in the process of converting to DBW with a bosch e throttle.

The ecu is a g4 plug in for the evo.

Where im at is :

AN volt 3 - TPS main

An volt 4 - TPS sub

AN volt 5 - APS main

An volt 6 - APS sub

But im confused as i dont have a aux 9/10 to get positive and negative for the  e throttle.

How do i know if my ecu has built in ethrottle control?

Alright just checked in my ecu information and it is ethrottle enabled


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yes evo 3 plug in, attached is a photo ecu info


Ok as i do some more research and correct me if i am wrong.

I need to use :

ethrottle signal 1 on aux1-4

ethrottle signal 2 on aux 2-8

e-thottle relay - aux1-8

 But the big thing i need to make this work is the external ethrottle module - E-throttle G4 - #G4RET

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Yes, that would be the suggested way to do it.  Getting rid of the idle valve will free up Aux 5/6/7/8.  You can use one of those for the E-throttle relay and one for signal 2.  Aux 3 is spare for Signal 1.

Alternatively if you have a bit of time up your sleeve you can return your ECU to head office in NZ, and it can be modified with some flying leads added to make aux 9 & 10 available to directly drive the throttle without the external module.  

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