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Need help with accel enrich on 4G63 with stupidly big injectors


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Hi guys. I have a Evo 6 4G63 engine with Bosch 2200cc injectors (a choice made by the previous owner...), running on E85. Stock turbo but bigger exhaust etc.

Works somewhat fine when driving, and I have gotten idle kinda stable after a lot of fiddling with low pulse width adder table etc.

BUT. I can't seem to find a setting for accel enrichment that makes that inital 0-20ish% TPS stab work well. It always does a cough before actually increasing revs.

Are there any generic guidelines here I should follow?

I also suspect that the spray pattern on these injectors isn't perfect, especially since they seem to sit inside some kind of bottom adapter thingy which makes them spray quite far away from the stock injectors spray position. Would that make this impossible to fix?

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