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An Volt CAN output to CD-7

Adam Marone

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Hi All,

I've recently wired in a bosch combined temp/pressure sensor for the oil system to ANVolt4 and ANVolt1 respectively. I'm using an early G4 and an AEM CD-7 dash and I'm trying to send the oil temperature reading over to the dash. Both of the two designated temperature inputs are in use for CLT and IAT so that left me with the only option of using ANVolt4 as a GP Input using a calibration table. My only issue now is I can't seem to be able to designate that analogue input as "Oil Temperature" to then send to the dash.

Is there a way I can send the analogue data over to the display at least by the way simply as an analogue input and then go on to label it as oil temperature on the display? Looking at the CAN Setup I can't seem to add or remove parameters.

Secondly, seeing as it's a thermister sensor that isnt going into a temperature input is a pull up resistor required here?

Thanks in advance!

can setup.png

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There is no configurable CAN on the G4, that was one of the features that you got if you paid extra for the equivalent Vipec at the time.  

My suggestion would be to move either your IAT or ECT sensor to ANV 4 as there are options for native ECT/IAT on a voltage input but no option for Oil temp.  Then you can connect your oil temp to whichever temp input you free up and they will all be transmitted out over CAN in the standard generic stream.

Whichever temp sensor gets connected to the ANV input will need a external 1Kohm pull-up connected to 5V.  


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