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Thunder to AIM MXG 1.2


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trying to get this to work for a customer, I have it wired up on my bench to test before shipping out and I cant get the dash or hte 'live view' on the AIM softwear to display any values.

Since its not connected to an engine all I was looking for is some temps and MAP values. I am not getting any. I have been through the Link and Aim set up numerous times and iust all looks good, checked the cables and they are fine.

One possibility that I cant get confirmed - does the Can Bus link become active only after the engine is on line? That would explain the issue.

The only other issue that I get is some Can Bus errors - but these go away if I update the link Can setting (no changes - just update it).

Any thoughts?

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Yes it will work without the engine running.  Can you attach the map from the ECU, the dash config, and a couple of pics of the wiring - I realise it will only be temporary wiring but just so we can confirm correct pins are being used etc.

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Joshua base 8-19-20 r5.pclr

I do get a canbus error on the runtime values (acknowledge error, error passive & bus warning) but if i reapply the canbus settings the warnings go away until I reboot the system.

No live data shown on the dash or in the AIM software.

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On 9/1/2020 at 5:07 PM, Adamw said:

Update your thunder to the latest firmware.  You are on 5.6.5 which is about 3 years old.  The Aim MXS CAN stream was only added into the firmware in 5.6.6 from memory.

that worked perfect. I was surprised the firmware was that old, i think I had that unit on the shelf since spring.

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