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Setting up Ethanol Sensor


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I've tried to read out help section in the ECU but seems that I'm missing something. I have Continental sensor installed and it only shows in ERROR inside ECU. Attached is the tune file. Sensor is connected to XS Expansion Loom DI8. DI8 has been assigned to the Ethanol Sensor and internal pullup resistor is set to ON like the guide suggests. What am I missing?

+14v is taken from original wire harness of the car, measured with multimeter that it has +14v when car has power on and running.

Once I turned ON the pullup resistor, Ethanol sensor flashed green for a moment and said active. After that is turned back to OFF.

Car is Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III if that is relevant.

I'd be thankful for any tips.


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It should just work, your settings are all correct.  The map shows there is no signal being received on DI8.  The flash of green when you turn on the pull-up means the DI is working.

So, either there is a sensor problem or a wiring problem.  I have seen some sellers giving incorrect pinout info for the flex sensors.  Is yours wired like below?


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