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Wheel speed sources R34 GTT

Brody Walker

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Hi all, I have a G4+ plug n play in my r34 gtt & trying to setup traction control.

I have vehicle speed which is sourced from DI4 & looks like I can set that as any of the 4 wheels to get a speed reading. Where I'm falling short is I need to set driven & non driven speed sources to setup traction control.

Whilst DI4 is currently set as LF wheel speed, do I need to splice into a speed sensor & assisgn it to one of my spare Digital inputs as LR as an example to get both driven & non driven speeds or is there another way to do this?


Thanks for your help.

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The gearbox sensor can be used for driven wheel speed, you will need a front wheel for non-driven.  The ABS sensor tooth count will probably be too high for the G4+ DI’s so you will possibly need a frequency divider or a seperate sensor 

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