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Gear display

Anthony Parle

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Sorry for the confusion Adam,

I have a electric gear change on a Subaru Manual gearbox, it is operated by a PLC and two Servo motors.  The output from the PLC to tell me what gear I am in in 3 wirer going to a encoder chip then to a 8 Segment display.  The 3 wires represent the gear, if first and second wire is on then that 1 &2 so third gear.  If the first and third are on then that's 1 & 4 so 5 the gear.  I was hoping that if I input those wires to the ECU I could tell it what gear its in.

I maybe asking to much.

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Yeah sorry I cant think of an easy way to do that in G4+.  Possibly if you connected them with a series of different resistors so that each wire gave you a different voltage, then you could use the analog gear position option which allows you to define a voltage for each gear.  Otherwise if you have a speed sensor you could still use gear detection.  

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