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Altezza 3SGE Hesitation on Acceleration / Throttle Application


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I have been tuning my car for a while, got it running and pulling cleanly through the rev range, but i have an issue where the engine has some hesitation when you press the throttle, especially when starting off from standstill. Usually the engine responds from 0.5 - 1.0 second after the throttle is pressed. There is also a dip in rpm when the engine returns to idle.

The car has the following mods:

  • Link g4+ plugin
  • Link Can lambda wideband (bosch lsu 4.9)
  • Premium japan throttle convert kit
  • DW200 fuel pump

Everything else is stock.

The throttle convert kit to my knowledge, makes the throttle behave like the electro-mechanical throttle of the b5 Audi A4.

Any information would be appreciated


Altezza 3sge beams Log.llg altezza 3sge beams.pclr

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It looks like you have way too much accel fuel going in.  Injector timing also looks very odd.  

Can you put all accel settings back to the same as our altezza base map (TPS mode and much less sens & clamp) and injector timing back to 380/400 then do us another log.   

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  • 1 month later...

So I reset the accel settings and now it doesn't hesitate anymore (deadband was 5% instead of 0.5%). I have attached current setup, but the log file is too big, how can i make it smaller?

I also noticed that the stock base map sets the Y axis of the fuel table to MGP(kpa) instead of AP(Main). From what is in the manual, MGP is preferred, and since I would like to use this car as a daily, should i change to MGP, and is there anything to look out for?


Altezza tune 2.pclr

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