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DOWNshift Switch math block

k fuku

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What is the trigger for down blipping?
I would like to make it so that it only works when the clutch is depressed while the brake pedal is depressed.

Is it possible to make it using math block?

Downshift input
Brake ON & Clutch ON = 1

I tried to put it like this, but it doesn't become active.



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Here is how I done it when last playing around in one of our test cars.

Use a GP output for the downshift conditions.  In my example below, it needed clutch, brake and no throttle pedal.  The speed lockout in the gearshift settings stops it from blipping in neutral etc.  


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What is DI2?  If DI2 is clutch then the best option would be to set up similar to my downshift example, but with a condition for "AP >", so you only get an upshift cut if your throttle pedal is open more than say 50% when you press the clutch.  Otherwise you will possibly meet upshift conditions when you really want a downshift.  



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Di2 は、シフトアップ認識用のクラッチに取り付けられたスイッチです。



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