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Do all Digital Inputs work for wheel speed on G4X?


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Had to sacrifice speed speed to make room for VVT signal (DI1-4 only).

I have speed signal wired to DI 9 via expansion loom now on the G4X. the speed is very erratic, not usable at all.

does G4X have same limitation where wheel speed must be used in DI 1-6 only?  

Couldn't see anything in Help browser in the G4X.  in G4+ it says only 1-6 can be used for speed signals.

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Yes all DI's are equal on the G4X.  I have had a couple of users report erratic speed with G4X recently so I beleive we are planning to add some user definable filtering in a future update which may help.  

Be aware however, we used to have many reports of erratic speed on skylines even with G4+, in the couple of cases where I had a chance to test, it was due to an erratic signal from the speedo.  They were both fixed by replacing the reed switch in the back of the speedo.  So I suspect in many cases with old Nissans and toyota's it is actually the signal that is the problem and filtering wont solve the problem without adding so much that the signal is very delayed.

In the meantime you can use a math block to average the speed signal.  There is an example in this post:   


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