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oldschool chev setup

Greg W

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Hi all
Been asked to help with an efi conversion on an old W model chev 
They have an Atom , setup with TPS and MAP, and i am going to add Lambda 

Replica 6x97 carbs with internal Edelbrock 29lb injectors , one / carb , 

Optical distributor still with 8 pole chopper wired direct (i am assuming) to trigger 1 
Single coil, only remembered i should have checked if it was a smart coil after leaving 

Was going to setup as traditional fuel tables as i am more familiar with that and i dont see future changes once setup and running

I am still to test the pinout so i can be sure how it has been wired , esp for trigger and injector options in setup

any comments about best way to use this all are most welcome 
chopper, remove 1 for missing tooth  or  7 for single trigger or find another trigger mechanism ?
Hints on starter mapping ? was going to look at just beginning with the Atom sample , making setup changes and playing with master fuel numbers until i get it running 





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For the trigger you dont need 720 positioning as you cant do sequential fuel due to the manifold design and it is not needed for distributor spark.  

So trigger is fine as is, set trigger mode to 1 tooth per TDC and set trig 2 sync mode to none.  Ignition mode distributor, injection mode multipoint group.  If it has an MSD box driving the coil then make sure spark edge is set to rising.  For a normal inductive ignitor or smart coil set to falling.  

I suspect it may work better with TP on the load axis of the fuel table with that manifold, I think you will probably find weak vacuum at idle and it wont reflect load well, but you will soon find out.  

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9 hours ago, Greg W said:

so 1 T/tdc gives me the 8 ign events/720 deg, base timing set by distributor position ?

Yes, base timing procedure in 1 tooth per TDC mode is a little different to the other modes, basically instead of adjusting an offset number, you just rotate the distributor until your timing light shows the "lock ign timing to" value.   

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