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Need help on CAN set up to show data from Link to AIM display


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Hi, I'm struggling on trying to some value that isn't on the basic preset on Link ECU stream in AIM RS3 in order to show on AIM dash. I'd like Gear box oil temp AT4 and Ethanol Sensor Content value and Temp to show. How can I set up both LINK and AIM File.

I've attached .plcr and zconfig files here., please help with thanks @adamw





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Files attached.  Note the .xc1 file is the custom CAN stream, you dont actually need this, but you can import it into the CAN editor in RS3 if you want to see how it is done or have a go at adding something yourself.  

Also, FYI, you can send the fuel pump and fan status from the ECU (use a virtual aux and send its status to PDM) so that the ecu handles the fuel pump prime and fan temperature etc.  Often easier if you want to force the pump on or adjust fan temp etc.

You will need to update your ECU firmware for ethanol content to work, that was only recently added to the mxs and generic stream as well as launch statuses which I have added to the dash template.

FURY V1.0.pclr LINK_Tbase custom_@20210301_024601_004305.xc1 NATT PDM32 V1.0.zconfig

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I've never used one of the PDM's, but I dont remember any noticable lag with any of the strada dashes that I have used.  Is it any different if you change the dash ECU setting back to the standard Link "CAN BUS BASE LCC" stream?  

Is the transmit rate still set to 20Hz in the ecu?  Is the lag any different if you make the transmit rate faster or slower?   

Otherwise I think you are going to have to discuss with AIM.

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