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Cold Start Issue


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I have a cold start problem. It is happening when the weather degree is under 20C. When this problem happened first I couldnt start the car then I removed the spark plugs and they were wet with fuel. I dried plugs and removed about 30 percent from crank enrichment the car started. Now the car starting very late and for 3 4 seconds it was running badly like almost it will stop. After 3 4 seconds car runs perfect. Even I remove more fuel from crank enrichment it is not getting better. It seems like a problem with sparking but I couldnt figure it out.


I dont know how to log this situation.  But I attached my tunning file. 

Thank you.  


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Would really need to see a log to make any suggestions, but none of your cold start settings look too far out of the ordinary.  

What injectors and what fuel?   Possibly not tune related at all.  Some of the modified injectors give very poor atomisation which has a large impact on cold start performance.

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I've had a quick look over the log.  I dont see a whole lot wrong from a set up or ecu perspective, it syncs almost instantly, injector PW's and dwell etc look normal.

From little info I have and clues such as the inj PW's being reported it seems like it has quite large injectors so my inkling is still the injectors are possibly some poorly modified things with a horrible spray pattern that results in you having a lot of liquid fuel in the port when temps are low rather than vapor which is necessary for combustion.  

The only thing that is a bit odd in your tune is the pre-crank prime is turned off so you could try enabling that and see if it helps at all.  Otherwise it is going to need to go to a tuner.  

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