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Basic Questions: Store and ECU Log data


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Hi, I am new to Vi-PEC, I have a V88 on my 2.5L Subaru engine.

Over the past 12 years with this car I've had the stock ecu, Unichip, PowerFC and Autronic SM4, and am now very happy with the V88.

I have a couple of very basic questions, after I bought a cable to connect to my PC to get some logging data. I'm also looking at getting an Aim Dash for display/log functions.

1. Is it possible to permanently write(store) to the ecu any changes without performing a "Store to ECU (CTRL+S)"

The V88 documentation says:

"When making tuning adjustments, changes are made in real time. These changes revert back to there previous setting unless a Store has been completed."

My tuner told me I could permanently update the ecu without doing the store, so I'm a bit confused about this.

2. I saved my tune to PCL file. I note that the ECU logging is set to OFF. I it had been set to ON, would the ECU logging data have been saved to the PCL file, so that I could see any log files through the Log File Manager, or do the ECU log files have to be explicitly downloaded. Currently no log files are showing, so I’d assume either no previous logging has been done, or they have been cleared.



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1. You can also just press F4 to store datas after a change, which should require less fingering than Ctrl + S.

2. When setting "ECU Logging" to "ON", the ECU will record a log file each time it's powered, until the ECU Logging memory fills up.

The higher the "Logging Rate", the quicker the ECU Logging memory will fill up.

You can have "ECU Logging" set to "ON" permanently and control its activation with a DI input wired to a toggle switch - see example below.


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You can also use virtual aux to setup more complex criteritums like starting logging when boost is over 150 kpa AND TP greater than 80% AND speed over 90 kmt. Use your imagination.

You can also choose sampling rate(updates pr sec). Ie 1Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz and so on.

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