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350Z PnP VVT intermitent "missing pulse" BANK 1


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350Z PnP VVT intermitent "missing pulse" "BANK 1"

Lockouts in VVT are 1200rpm & 122 degrees ECT

I've done a complete cam calibration.

1. Start the motor cold, warms up passed 122*, I increase RPM to 1500, 2000, everything is fine, No error.

2. 2-3 minutes later, ECT is at 185-188*, increase RPM to 1500, 2000, 2500. Give it a few small revs, everything is fine, no Error.

3. I continue doing the same for just 3-4 minutes more, and then the "missing Pulse" Errors start adding up, but it's intermitent!

4. At this point, if I give it a small rev, I'll get a single error on throttle, then again a single error off throttle.

5. At some areas of the RPM, steady throttle I have a Signal & No Error, and at other RPM's No Signal & "missing Pulse Error.

6. I've checked the Cam Control Solenoid, 7.8 ohms @ 75*, 9.3ohms @ 140*+, hooked to 12v power, Valve operates, movement is maybe .060"-.070" Inch

7. I've checked the Connector, has 1.57 Volts


Bad Cam Control Solenoid?

Bad Cam Angle Sensor?

Bad ECU, Link G4X?

Thank You,

Tim Hampton

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