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300zx - Dual E-throttle - vr30ddtt throttles


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Hi All,

Im in the process on putting together my setup, which will be a dual e throttle on an xtreme ECU. The vr30ddtt throttles are that size I was looking for so I purchased a set. However, I was testing the throttles with a 5v source to verify the the TPS signal is a 5v sweep but it doesn't seem to move. TPS 1 shows about .9v and TPS 2 shows about 4v with no movement if I manually move the throttle blade. Is this normal and can these throttles be used with the link Xtreme?

Thanks for the help and sorry if these are stupid questions.

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Pic below from a Q60 manual shows different pinout that what you are quoting.  Also, pin 1 may not necesarily be the left hand end as some manuals show the pin numbers looking into the connector rather than into the device.  You can usually find the motor pins by testing resistance, they will have low resistance between them (like 2ohms or so) so you can use that to confirm which end is pin 1.  


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