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350z Vipec i88 ecu


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Hey guys, 

Just a couple of basic questions here, I recently bought this ecu from a friend that had it spare. Connected it to the car and updated the firmware, all cool no problems. Awesome, finally a standalone ecu! 

I just wondered about where I should be asking any questions about it in the future when I hook it up properly? 

As I guess this ecu is seen as a G4? 

Lastly, in order to get to one of the dyno operators here, it's possibly 1.5hrs drive away. On the included base map, I presume it should be safe enough to get there? 

My car is still n/a but just slightly higher compression, different cams, intake and head work. 



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Yes, if you have updated to the latest G4+ firmware 5.6.8 then you can consider it a G4+.  We give the same support either way, but the G4+ forum has more traffic so you will likely get answers quicker in there.  

The G4+ 350Z base map is good as it came from a car we owned and tuned.  There are different maps for the models with 2 VVT cams and one for the cars with 4 VVT cams.  Just drive it easy until it is tuned properly. 

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Just since you mentioned it, I may as well check here (but happy to start a new post).
My car is the 2004 DE, so has 2VVT cams and is a manual, any idea as to which map I could use? (I'd presume I'll be able to amend something in the software)

Note, I'm not running the ECU just yet but maybe in a couple of months, just need to get a few bits sorted first. 

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