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350z plugin ecu


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Hello, I tuned this car several months ago,(350z with Link plugin ecu) yesterday engine starts to have issue. Issue is when start the engine, engine stops or misfires and did not respond good when open throttle it misfires or bogs etc. There is signal for trig1 and trig2, everything seems to work, fuel pressure is ok (3bar). Is there anything on the trigger scope? I captured this scope when engine cranks (injectors off).


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On 8/25/2021 at 12:09 AM, Adamw said:

Triggerscope looks fine at a quick glance.  It would be better to get a scope capture when the misfire is occurring to be sure though.  Can you give a log of it cranking?


Hello this is the link for cranking datalog. I turned of fuel while cranking because of engine bogs and ecu goes to offline.

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Mostly looks happy in that log.  No trigger errors and appears all critical sensors are working.

The battery voltage is only showing 9.7V when cranking though, and your comment above about the ecu going offline (usually happens about 7V) may suggest you have a bad power connection or ground somewhere. 

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