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i have this 350z vq35 vvti (inlet only) running on a Monsoon g4+ with no porblem at all. I did a piggy back style wiring .

The monsoon + is wired to the injectors semi-sequential and ignition is wired wasted spark, tps signal was taken from the APP

ECT was shared as well as trigger 1 and 2. The stock ECU took care of the rest. the car was running fine but the owner wanted

to try the Monsoon G4X. Upon swapping the ECU, I installed Digital 1 as reference for the VVTI inlet cams which is required 

by the Monsoon G4X.  Upon cranking i saw a steady trigger signal and rpm of 225 with just a little fluctuation. check if i had spark

and fuel pulse using my noid only to discover that I had no spark and no fuel pulse even if i had a steady trigger (all green with rpm)

and inj output 1,2,3 are active as well as ign 1,2,3. All was in green and said all were active. At this point the G4X made me feel like

I was a newbie in installing stand alones. As frustrating as it is, I still re checked my wiring and base map and could not find any 

problem. So here I am again seeking for help. 

thank you!

G4X Monsoon 350Z VVTI Inlet only.pclx TriggerScopeLog vq35.llgx TriggerScopeLog vq35 falling.llgx

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As per the message that pops up when you select VQ35 trigger mode, you need a Bank 2 inlet cam assigned for it to work.  You dont have bank 2 assigned in your map.  Set it to trigger 2 and it should work.

I would also suggest you update your firmware before tuning as there were some trigger changes in 6.20


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