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Can I actuate a fault code faster than normal?


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I am an engineering student and I am member of a formula student team.

The competition rules for the electronic throttle control state that if there is a difference greater than 10% between the target TPS and the actual TPS for more than 500ms the throttle body must close imidiately.

I 've seen that the link thunder g4+ ECU Fault Code 75 does excacly that thing but instead of 10% it has 2% (which is fine) and instead of 500ms it has 2s (=2000ms). So, this is my problem!

Can I change the fault code actuation time from 2s to 500ms somehow? If not, is there any other way to program the condition without the need of an external PCB?

Thank you! 

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The TP error detection time is hard coded in the G4+.  The TP/Target error accumulator parameter isnt availble for use directly in software functions such as GP outputs etc.  The best work-around that I can think off would be to connect the 2 CAN ports together, send TP/Target error accumulator out of one CAN port and receive it into the other CAN port as a CAN TC input.  You can then use that to switch off the E-throttle relay and invoke a limiter at any time you like.

The error accumulator counts up anytime the two TP sensors are outside of the 2% band.  It counts back down when the error is within 2%, so it is normally 0 when everything is good.  It takes a continuous error for 2 seconds for the accumulator to count up to 100 which is the point it trips a fault.  So if you wanted to trip a fault at 500ms then you would do that at an accumulator count of about 25.

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