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Trouble with Link G4+ Fury


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On the verge of giving up after 8 months of pain unable to resolve issues.

Appreciate help, i suspect it's wiring issue. Been to multiple workshops,  spent thousands yet no solutions. 

Honda Accord K20A factory ecu plugged into G4+ Fury. Engine sounded noisy during idle even at standstill.  Pulled at throttle cable and rattle sound level increases with higher rpm. Rattle at cold start too. These rattling are random and not always present. It's obviously audible when it appears. Replaced with brand new OEM VTC actuator and VTC solenoid valve, timing chain, hybrid racing tensioner. Still the same. 

One thing to note, other shops i visited to fix issue did commented on why the  additional relays on wiring harness installed by first shop but did not remove or verify it's purpose. Not sure if there's any relationship to the issue.

Engine goes into limp mode near 3k rpm on every gear, sometimes jerking, most times refuse to go past 3k. Exhaust sound becomes low, drony and loud. 

Tuner mentioned when commanded VTC advance, ecu will trigger error at certain rpm. No solution given. Couldn't get a tune until issue resolved.

Worst thing is I'm bad with electronic/ electrical and computer. 



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The Vtec solenoid is high side drive in the K20, so most use a relay for that, but the VTC solenoid is standard low side drive so shouldnt have a relay included in that circuit.  It sounds possibly like the VTC aux is controlling the VTEC and vice versa.  

We will know more when you supply the tune and log. 


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