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Launch control little hesitation


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9 hours ago, Adamw said:

Not sure what you are trying to show on the pic above, there is not even any labels showing what parameters we are looking at.  

Do you mean the RPM dip when you let the clutch out?

Sorry about the graph, I just updated it to see labels. If you look at the speed or at the accelerometer you see a significant hesitation. In the car it feels like you lift the throttle or hit slightly the brake.

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You've got a math block filter on the driven wheel speed that you are showing in your log above so that is not a good indication of what is going on.  GP Speed 1 is probably more relevant. 

There is a hump in longitudinal accel at time section 3:26.16, if this is what you are talking about then this could possibly be because the fuel cut is still being decayed at that point.  Even after a fuel cut has been fully decayed you still dont get full torque for another few crank revolutions later.  Try your cut decay time at about 100ms.  Although it is odd the RPM increases in that same area but wheel speed and accel dont, so it suggests some of the accel issue may actually be clutch slip in this log.

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