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Vipec PNP V44? No map sensor


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Hey Guys,


I have a question about an Vipec PNP ecu for an evo4-8 that I just purchased second hand. It was advertised as a V44 but I have noticed this board doesn't seem to have an internal map sensor. The pervious owner ran it with an external unit.

Did some V44 ECU's coming without internal map? It has Evo 4-8 BB v1.1 and PCB rev 1.2 and serial number 10794 labelled on it. Any help will be away so I can use the correct software updates. Thanks

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There is no onboard MAP on a V1.1 bottom board.  It was added on V1.2 boards and later.  That one will use the factory sensor which is connected to pin 73.

I would guess it is a V44 but I dont have a record for SN10794 in my files at home.  You can confirm by connecting a laptop and going to >help>ecu information.  Its definately a V series tho, so grab VTS V4.10.2 from here: https://www.vi-pec.com/software/vts-v4-10-2.1784

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If you have wideband don’t bother feeding it a narrow 1v signal , you can simply change the analog input type on the ECU to be a 5v input and feed it the range table for your wideband and it will use the full wideband range.

Then you can if you want run full closed loop or open loop. I’ve got mine setup on full closed loop from an innovate wideband and the ecu will adjust the fuel in real time to obtain 14.7 (or whatever target you set).


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Thanks for your help Paul. So within the software i can change An Volt 4 (Pin 76) which is the original narrow band sensor to become an 5v input from my wideband controller?  

Also another question, im hoping the V44 is able to run modern bosch 1000cc high impedance injectors simply by removing the factory injector ballast from my evo 5?


Thanks Guys!

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This is how mine is setup on evo 8 using evo 9 PNP v44.


note , read the VTS help file on each sector before making any changes and double check / triple check everything.


I’ve got an innovate wideband which has native 1v narrow and 5v wide signal. Connect the wide 5v to your next free analog input and you’re almost done.



if you aren’t using an innovate controller then find out the calibration table or values and you can set your own calibration table.


once you have wideband input working and the displayed value in tve VTS is correct then you can look up the wideband 02 feedback modes if you want to use it. You don’t have to but it will save fuel and make the engine more efficient (less waste).


Mine is set to complete closed loop which means the vipec actively watches the wideband af/r in real time and actively reduces fuel to reach 14.7or whatever targets you dial into the “AFR target” table. 



as you drive along you can actively see the vipec trimming fuel on light cruise and it will always hit 14.7 very quickly.




See this video at 2 minute mark to see the v44 actively trim fuel in real time. AFR vs AFR target




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