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BT 20v 4age Base Map G4x


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Hi after I connected the harness I am able to to test all my sensors thru the ecu to see that they work except vvti. However my car cranks but it won't start. Is there anything I can do to see what might be causing the car not to start. I Have a gauge for the fuel pump and I see pressure. 


I was not able to activate vvti and I am not sure if that would be the cause to why the car won't start. Also how do I test trigger 1 and 2? When I check voltage I see around 3.5 volts I think I can't recall the value exact haha 


Using the same file u provided only thing I adjust was AUX 1-4 


2.Electric fan

3. Tacho since ita digital.

4 fuel pump

Any advice to trouble shoot would be greatly appreciated 

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Please do a short log of it cranking and attach that and a copy of your tune.

Also, do a trigger scope while cranking.  >ECU Controls>trigger scope.  Click the capture button while the engine is cranking.  Save and attach the file.  

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here are the logs, is trigger 2 not working? I didn't see a signal under the capture for it?



trigerscope log

ecu log during cranking(2 logs)

current map installed on ECU

10_9_2021_TriggerScopeLog.llgx 10-9-2021_4age20v.pclx ECU Log 2021-10-9 10;50;13 pm.llgx ECU Log 2021-10-9 10;51;20 pm.llgx

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None of your sensors are working, this should have been the first thing you confirm even before you attempt to start.

MAP is reading 0

TPS is reading 50%

ECT is reading 95Deg C

IAT is reading 130Deg C.  

Fix all of those then try again.  

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No map sensor installed as mentioned initially. tuner mentioned it shouldn't be problem

I tried the TPS and i see the voltage change when I move the throttle cable from the live data.

I will test the ECT  and test the IAT and see if the readings are coming in the live data.

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