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Realdash MonsoonX CAN Connection


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Has anyone gotten realdash working through CAN on the monsoonx using the CAN Analyzer Type 2? whenever i connect the CAN Analyzer to my CAN network everything on the network stops working including my PDM, CAN Keyboard, and ECU. 

is the ground on the CAN Analyzer necessary or is CANH and CANL enough? Also what CAN ID does the Analyzer use i can't seem to find any info on that. I'm using this CAN Analyzer as recommended by Realdash. 


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If its taking the whole bus down it must be set to the wrong bit rate.   That may happen initially since it is probably preconfigered for some other rate.  Once you change the can speed to 1000kbps and click done it should send that config to the USB device.  You may then need to power cycle everything.  


19 minutes ago, dingdongdrift said:

Also what CAN ID does the Analyzer use i can't seem to find any info on that.

The only ID you need to set is the CAN ID at the Link end on the dash2pro stream which is 1000.  At the realdash end it is all set by the .xml file.  

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it's no longer taking down the CAN network but i'm still not getting any data on the CAN monitor in realdash. also my PDM is using CAN ID 1000 so i should probably change that. where can i find the XML? i tried using the realdash built in Link CAN Short or whatever it's called but like i said, not seeing anything. 

i have tried multiple XML files now from the introducing... thread and still no luck. i think my CAN Analyzer isn't set up right. let me try adding a ground and see if it does anything different. the CAN light on it is on and so is the USB light but realdash is still not seeing anything at all. 

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Edit #2: adding a ground didn't do anything, still nothing on realdash

ok i figured it out, the CAN Analyzer isn't even showing up in realdash, it was something else connected to COM3 that i was trying to connect to. so i gotta figure out why it's not showing up on realdash at all. 

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5 hours ago, Adamw said:

I have only personally used the seeedstudio one.  Why don’t you try asking on the realdash forum, probably a much larger audience with experience there.

i have asked there, no one has replied lol. i'm gonna order the seeedstudio, it's just backordered, only reason i ordered the other one. 

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