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USB port issues


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Hello, yesterday night I'm when on the dyno tuning an evo8 with plugin ecu. While I'm tuning something interesting happened. I noticed that car's door, my laptops serial port and my knock box's earphone have electric shock when I touch to them. And while I'm looking why is that I lost usb connection between laptop and ecu. Car starts and works fine so first I thought may be my laptops usb port burned but after that I tried another laptop and result is same no connection between laptop and ecu. After that I tried my laptop (which I use while this issue happen) with an other evo with Link plugin ecu and it connects to that ecu. So it looks like this ecu is works but can not connect to any laptop because of some electrical issue on the car. Is there any way to fix it ? Or someone have same issue before? If I can not fix this ecu here in Cyprus can I ship this to Link Ecu support department?



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