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Surge Tank Pump PWM wiring


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I am looking for some advice on fuel pump wiring.

I am setting up a car with a surge tank and would like to run at least the main pump from surge tank to engine on a PWM output as it is just a fast street car and am wanting to run a 1000hp capable fuel pump without overheating fuel through excessive pumping.

The vehicle was originally carbed so is a bit of a blank canvas.

Have been thinking about just using one output from the ecu and running Two speed controllers, one supplying each pump and running off the same PWM ECU signal.

Would there be any issues with doing this?

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Just curious, why not run a output that switches the 2nd pump on fuel time when it comes into boost/needing second pump?

One of my cars runs 1st 044 full time and second when it comes on boost and it doesn't have fuel heat issues (which it did have when both run full time)

I have run a water meth pump via pwm output and a solid state relay but not fuel pump(s)

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