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Car turns off and wont start again.


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For the last two drives in the car when I turned around out in the country (sharp U turn) the engine turned off and would not start again. As it happened tonight I had the logging running. It is the last thing you can see in the attached log file. I cranked and cranked the starter for maybe 15 seconds or more. I tried to do a trigger scope capture. Then I saw that the ecu was offline and when I pressed F3 to connect it would not. What I did not do was look to see if the blue light was on on the ECU. A few minutes later after I turned the key on and off a few times I heard the fuel pump prime. The next crank it started and ran perfect all the way home. Maybe I have a loose wire going to the ecu main power. What I do not understand is in the log file why does the ect still log, the oil pressure still log but the engine speed shows no cranking. The TP is logging and you can see me pumping the throttle durring cranking. Can you guys shed any light on this? Anything I could do going forward to look for the issue?

Here is a google drive link with two files in it

1. the ecu tune file

2. the log file (pay attention to the very end)

Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11YBrr75UZ2KH7hyEkpMFzcTsaBT3qxV1?usp=sharing

The engine is a beams 3sge with itb's, linkg4+ blue storm and can lambda.

Thanks for you helps.

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looking at your log it dies because of the RPM Limit applying a hard cut because the ECU has seen a super high RPM. At the same time it gets several trigger errors and then no triggers are detected for the rest of the log despite the starter being activated many times (as shown by start status). I would be looking into your trigger wiring, arming voltages and physical trigger sensors, @Adamw might have more suggestions on things to look at.

if it happens again take a trigger scope to see what the triggers look like while it's failing to start.

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