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The other day, I started observing the lambda near idle in CLL long term by changing the target lambda value, but the value in the long term trim table is changing (increasing or decreasing), but the value in the fuel map is not changing and is not reflected in the map? Is there something I forgot to set?

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Unfortunately that is one of the common problems with the innovate widebands, as well as eating sensors regularly.  Their analog output is not particularly accurate and they dont have a separate analog ground so the analog output is in reference to chassis ground.  Even if you do a custom calibration so that the ecu AFR matches the gauge, whenever a large electrical load on the chassis switches on such as fans or headlights the ground offset between ecu and chassis will change so your displayed AFR will change too.  

The best you can do is connect the innovate ground wire to the same point as the main ecu ground (often the engine block somewhere) and do a custom cal in the ecu or gauge so that it matches as best it can.  

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