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Vehicle wont Idle


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  im still in the early stages of mapping and setting up my car but im having trouble getting a steady idle. i do have a camshaft that has some overlap which im not sure if thats whats causing my problem. Is there anyone that could take a look at my map and explain where im going wrong. If i come to slow stop ie lift off the accelerator and slow down and dip the clutch just as the car hits 1k rpm it will idle for a little, but it slowly starts to hunt until the idle becomes unstable and cuts out. If i rev the car up the idle fails to correct it self and will cut out very quickly.


Latest.pclr idle.llg

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The map shows idle control is set to closed loop, but the log shows it was in open loop.  Can you give us a map and log that match.  

But I would say the main problem is the idle ignition table is just all 0.

Also your E-throttle target table should not be zero in the top row, most of the warm idle position comes from this.  

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hi Adam

 Thanks for the reply. I have been trying to different things to see if i can the idle better and got mixed up with the files. i have created a log with the closed loop idle control. altho i must add even with the open loop idle i still cant get a stable idle. Where should i start with my e-throttle target table numbers?



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