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How to add an extra temp sensor?


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Can you tell me the best way to wire in a 2-pin oil temp sensor, when all Analogue Temp Inputs are already used?

It's an Atom G4X on a 12A rotary, being fitted with aftermarket injection and ignition. It has water and intake air temp sensors, which are being wired to the two Link temp inputs. It only has one spare Analogue Volt input, so I was wondering if this could be used, maybe with a pull-up resistor?

Alternatively, is there much point in having an oil temp sensor? It came with a brand new injection/Link ecu kit, but I would've thought an oil pressure sensor (which the kit didn't include) would be more useful.

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1 hour ago, Link2ThePast said:

I found this and gave it a read through. Looks like you do exactly as you expected lol

I'd agree that oil pressure is probably the more important of the two

Thanks for that, it's exactly the info I was after. I did multiple searches, but I guess I didn't search that far back.

I'm wiring it for a mate, and I'd already suggested he consider replacing the oil temp sender for an oil pressure one, especially since the car doesn't even have a factory pressure switch/light. It only has an oil level warning light (which doesn't work because he's missing the switch), so I'd wire a Link auxillary output to operate it as an oil pressure light. Alternatively, he could keep the oil temp sensor but add a simple pressure switch which I can wire directly to the light, which would probably work out cheaper. 

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