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s13 idle valve not working

Panos MZR

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Hello. I have an s13 sr20de converted to turbo. everything works fine except the idle valve. Valve is connected on injector 7 as per the wiring diagrams. with stock ecu idle valve works fine. Also i tested the idle valve with external source and solenoid works. 
I attached the tune for anyone if you can help.



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6 minutes ago, essb00 said:

Your idle speed control is not tuned at all.

Follow the Open Loop ISC tuning procedure, then Closed Loop ISC procedure on the help file under G4X ECU Tuning Functions > Idle Speed Control.

it shouldn't operate on test mode no mateer what? 

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On 10/1/2021 at 11:57 PM, Adamw said:

Ok that should work.  Confirm you have constant 12V on pin 109 which is the flywheeling diode for the idle valve.  Put it in test PWM mode with frequency at 10Hz to see if it clicks.  

Confirmed 12v on pin 109.

Tested as above still doesn't work

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12 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Then my comment stands.  When the aux is off, there should be 12V flowing through the idle valve up to the ecu pin.  If you measure voltage anywhere in that circuit it should be 12V - even with the ECU unplugged.

Pin 109 or 113? 

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