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2jz ge fuel pump over priming


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New issue with the car, when the engines warm 80-90 degrees. When turning the key to start position, fuel pump continues to pump/prime until started. I have dropped the pre crank times very low still continues to do it? Signs of a bad fuel pump ecu ? Any help appreciated, only started happening recently,

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The ECU doesnt even control the fuel pump as far as I can see.  In our base map there is only aux 2 set up to switch the pump to from low to high flow mode somewhere just above idle, but there is nothing set up to actually turn the pump on/off, and I dont see anything on the pinout.

Has the car always done that, or previously ok.  Im wondering if our basemap is even set up correct.  It almost looks like that aux 2 signal should be some sort of PWM signal.  

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